The Kickstarter for Season 2 of our show THE MADNESS OF CHARTRULEAN is already over 50% backed before I could even tell you about it!

This story is a fascinating dive into sci-fi, and one of the most masterfully crafted cinematic audio experiences I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. I mean, just check out the trailer:

We’re all be thrilled to come back for season 2, so if you or someone you know might be into it, please share! 

The $50 tier – “Herbalist” (available to US only) is based on my character Borsha! It’s a tea and coffee pack with other incredible goodies. Could there be anything more fitting for me?

I’m super proud of and grateful to the Packhowl Media team. We hope you all continue to enjoy the show, and thank you all for supporting our artistic journey across several galaxies!

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