I love voicing older characters, and Grandma has to be one of my favourites!

She’s no longer with us, but is so heckin’ SASSY… Just like some of the other residents on Noto Island.

Thank you Krillbite & NokNok Audio for having me along to jam with you.

And another thank you to the team at Neonhive for championing indie games!

This project was extra special, because I found out the demo was live from Georgie reaching out, encouraging me to give it a go on my Twitch stream! Thank you for thinking of me.

… I also learned that the game will be coming to consoles next year. This makes this project my first console game release BOTH as a games industry professional (I used to work in the mobile sector) and as a voice actor.

Goals! Feeling very much all kinds of special today.

Wishlist Fruitbus on Steam and play the Demo!

Food binds us all!


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