Dungeons and Dragons, but not as you know it.

I’m joining the wonderful world of Castleton! A super special Dungeons & Dragons series full of mystique, intregue, romance and more…

Catch the show on the Winters Tales YouTube channel, or broadcast live on Twitch.

Described as a Bridgerton and Hunger Games crossover, the show takes place in a demigod universe. Matching season is as dangerous as it is romantic! Keep your eyes peeled for very interesting characters during the show. Making an appearance is my graceful dancer, Elizaveta:

KidKerrigan plays Elizaveta in Castleton
Art by @DMTTA

Elizaveta is the Demigod of Intuition, Daughter of Sense & Self. With her powers of insight, she can see a mile away that you’re eyeing the hot Teifling across the way. She will do everything in her power to bring you together and make it a night to remember!

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