Hiya! I’m a voice actor, content creator and perpetually recovering social media manager. My life has always revolved around creative pursuits; art, engagement and storytelling.

Gaming, animation and visual effects inspired me as a child, and continue so today! It was only fitting that I found myself completing a Bachelor Degree in Animation for Interactive Entertainment at SAEQ in 2011, and kicking off my gaming career at EA and Bandai Namco in customer-facing community and marketing roles.

During my tenure on the corporate side of the games industry, I quenched my desire to connect with like-minded self proclaimed nerds (and entertain them with my goofy sense of humour) by launching my livestreaming and content creation channels under the pseudonym KidKerrigan in 2014. I’m now a partnered Twitch streamer who enjoys playing MMOs, psychological horror, RPGs and casual simulation games.

My content has been featured on the Blizzard launcher for Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, as well as front page of Twitch in Australia and New Zealand. I’m also known for hosting quirky segments for regional teams at events like BlizzCon, and helping newer creators along their streaming journey with StreamElements tutorial videos.

In 2019, my creative spirit was further nurtured upon entering the acting and voiceover realm, and I never looked back! Since then, I have recorded voices for the award-winning audio fiction podcast Earth Eclipsed, short film Transference, the video game Beyond Mankind: The Awakening, and collaborated with creative teams around the world from my home studio in Melbourne, Australia.


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