Who would have thought posting these silly videos to show up would generate more work for me?

Truth is, as much as I loathe to admit, social media is so ingrained in our routine. Even if you don’t get eNgaGemEnt on your content, you remain top of mind when you cross the timelines of those in your network.

I reconnect with many wonderful people I lost touch with because they see my silly posts. They are prompted to DM me to catch up when they’re in town, or my post lands when they are trying to solve a problem I have insight on.


There have also been several instances anecdotally where I caught up with friends or colleagues and, though they don’t interact with my posts (we love us our lurkers!) they mentioned to me directly how much they enjoyed seeing it. Another plus side of showing up is to hear that you made someone’s day ☺️

So – even if it feels ridiculous, tired or frustratingly mundane – build a couple processes for yourself that makes showing up on media feel more fun, creative, and most importantly, EFFORTLESS.

Almost as effortless as using Adobe’s new AI features to making editing headshots more efficient. Just ask this guy… whoever he is!

Thoughtfully crafted with Adobe’s new generative fill feature.

Tools like Buffer have helped me catalogue ideas (I’m typing in the mobile app right now to share this later!) and schedule them CONSISTENTLY in the future, rather than huge dumps of content whenever inspiration strikes.

  • I do not have a textbook strategy.
  • I do not schedule posts manually.
  • I do not batch content.
  • I create a piece of content when I feel compelled, and off it goes into the queue.

I’m LOVE to see my notifications! It’s like [insert your favourite holiday with presents] to discover what people resonated with today, because I have NO IDEA what’s going out. That keeps things easy and fun. Set and forget.

I’ve got my main job to do – assisting my clients with voiceover for their projects and making people LAUGH.

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