Lil Sour

Client: Lil’ Baker Films

Service Provided: Lil Sour voiceover and freestyle ????

Step into Lil Sour’s wild world; a mind-bending animation experience. It’s like flying into burning man on moon while your poison of choice does it’s magic. Brought to life by the creative minds at Lil Baker Films and featuring the vocal talents of yours truly. This little labour of love is certainly unexpected.

Join Lil Sour, the lemon-headed boy, Rick Rubbish, the trash bag with more personality than your average sitcom star, and Poo Head, who is… well, exactly what you’d expect.

Looking for an actor that isn’t afraid to match the energy and uniqueness of your vision?


You’ve found her!

When you craft worlds that twist normality, shape characters that defy gravity, and pen stories that leave your audience in awe… well, you need me. With a knack for the quirky and love for the wacky, I’ll give your production a zest to make it legendary.

Chat with me to learn more about how we can bring your animated dreams to life and why Lil Sour is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m here to bring whimsy to your work.

So, when do we start?

This project was recorded remotely in my broadcast quality recording studio.

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