Sephora & Dae Hair

Client: Sephora / dae

Service Provided: Fairy Godmother narration for the Fairy Duster Dry Shampoo social media launch campaign

Picture this: a sprinkle of shampoo, a wave of the wand, and voilà – you’re not just ready for your day, you’re ready for a fairy tale.

Sephora and dae‘s long anticipated latest marvel – Fairy Duster Dry Shampoo featured in a campaign narrated by an enchanting fairy godmother, your’s truly. This whimsical collab promised viewers a hair care product that is simply magical.

Take a peek behind the curtain and have a listen! Wave your wand (or, you know, just click) here:


This short brand story weaves the classic and fantastatic beauty transformations that dae and Sephora are renowned for, making every viewer feel that their hair care routine can be like a moment straight out of a fairy tale too! And, of course, stars the gorgeous Amber Fillerup – founder of dae.

Behind the Scenes with the Fairy Godmother

Recorded in my cosy home studio, or as I like to call it, my modern-day fairy godmother’s nook, every word was spun with care to capture the magic we envisioned.

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This project was recorded remotely in my broadcast quality recording studio.

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