Jumplight Odyssey

I’m thrilled to announce you will be able to hear my voice in Jumplight Odyssey, a new game coming from the wonderful humans over at League of Geeks!

In particular, I voice the Jumplight Countdown in this super-cool combat trailer for the game:

Wishlist Jumplight Odyssey on Steam here

LoG have also invited me to participate in a charity stream this Sunday for The Gentle Barn with their Save a Pig campaign. Click here to donate.

“With your support, we work each day to create a gentler world by rescuing animals, giving them rehabilitation and sanctuary at The Gentle Barn, and then hosting people looking for hope, and opening people’s hearts to the intelligence, affection, and magic of animals.”

The charity stream will be this Sunday, June 18th at 11AM AEST on my Twitch channel:

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