Fun in May 2023

Writing the Mind Alive: The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice

Audiobook available now on Audible!

This book was an intrguing read. I love narrating texts that give me something to think about. Where I learn something new, or get taken on an exciting adventure. Either way, it’s a bit more of a challenge that makes my day.

Reading this, I learned to pay a attention to mindfulness. Perspective. Is what I’m feeling attached to emotions or memories relating to some adjent event?

Hope the narration is as soothing for you to listen to, as it felt for me to perform.

Mystic Tales Season 2

This series is a fun bunch of vingettes! Harriet was so fun to play! Can’t wait to share more.

Michael Ignacio Jr. is killing it creating content for us – his writing is excellent for audio fiction but so tranferrable to animation too. Thanks for letting me have the best time playing with these characters, Michael!

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