While I can’t speak to the cost of hiring all professional voice actors, this handy-dandy guide will help estimate voiceover costs for your project using my services.

To lock in fees for your project, I’ll need to understand the scope and how the voiceover will be used. So, get in touch to receive a quote!

Prices listed are in Australian dollars (AUD), are subject to changes and session minimums (basic session fee). Quotes are provided in your local currency upon request. Feel free to specify that in your inquiry.


Video Games & Animation
from $385 per hour

Dubbing & ADR
$190 per hour (live-directed, with engineer)
$275 per hour (self-recorded, time & lip sync)

Audio Dramas
$175 per hour

Audiobook Narration
$350 per finished hour (raw punch & roll)
$450 per finished hour (produced)

Billed as “Commercial” or “Brand Video” depending on usage.

Student Projects
Pitch me your stuff!


from $350

Corporate Narration, Explainer & Brand Videos
from $375 (internal use)
from $750 (organic online use)

Commercials & Podcast Ads
$220 per script + usage fee – per term, medium & product
(broadcast period, market, etc.)

Podcast Intro & Outro
from $300

Message-On-Hold & IVR
from $400


A/V Editing & Post-Production
Editing, proofing, mastering, file splits, etc.
$65 per hour
Mixing, music, sound design, etc.
$125 per hour

Production Support Services
Project management, casting support, copy editing, etc.
$50 per hour

Cancellation fee
Within 24 hours of scheduled live session – $200

So, how much does it cost to hire a voice actor? The simple answer is: “It depends!”

Additionally, keep in mind that concessions may apply for internal use (developmental or scratch recordings) and select projects. Also Hybrid Agreements or Deferred Payment can be arranged for micro-budget projects.


Shorter recordings can typically be delivered on the same work day! This also depends on the number of projects in the queue, requirements and scope of each.

Of course, skipping the queue may affect the cost of your voiceover during busy periods, so consider planning in advance to avoid additional fees!

On longer-term projects, you’ll receive status updates at a cadence that suits your needs.

For insights into current industry average rates please visit the GVAA Rate Guide or MEAA Commercial Voiceover Rates.
I reserve the right to re-issue a quote prior to performing work where the scope of work, usage, or script length has changed. Per line rates are available for indie productions, which are provided in good faith. A surcharge may be applied to the per-line rate for longer passages or monologues.


Get in touch with me via email to chat about your project scope and budget. We can schedule a call to discuss your needs: