Coming Down With COVID

If you don’t believe in manifesting

Boy, do I have some proof for you!

I got a little bit overwhelmed with a lot of my friends and social circle trying to make up for lost time from lockdown. Got completely burned out with all of the social commitments, and (fortunately) also getting really busy with work.

So, like a silly person, I put it out into the universe that I would love to go back into lockdown, because that’s where I found a little bit of peace and rekindling my creative spirit, despite the pain of not being able to get to the gym to exercise… and then I promptly came down with COVID and got put into isolation.

So, yeah, be careful what you wish for, huh?

I’m recovering now, and slowly gearing back up to work in my studio. Thank you for all your patience and well-wishes! It definitely helped. ?

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I learned a lot about my capacity as a human, and that balance is more important for me when I first realised. My immune system is trash, but also being sensitive to medication means I must be EXTRA vigilant about keeping up personal boundaries for down-time and recuperation in order to do my best work and be my best self for my family, friends and other relationships. Stress is EVIL. Guilt can get thrown in the trash. Inner peace is absolutely where it’s at!