When Auditions Cast Early

If you’re one of those voice actors that gets hung up on projects casting early…

Consider prioritising your auditions based on ones you want to book vs. ones with shorter timelines.

There’s such a wide range of timelines on auditions, from same day to 6 months. Would you get as upset if an audition casting tomorrow closed today, in the same way that one due in 6 months closed 3 months from now?

When you’re auditioning, consider the due date to be the length of time the casting director is willing to take to find the right voice, not the length of time they’re willing to wait to start listening. If you want that role but the due date is in a week – make it the first thing on your list for the next time you’re in the booth! (And always check that it hasn’t closed yet before you start recording. If it has, too bad! Moving on…)

Set yourself up to put yourself forward for projects or roles that you most connect with, rather than roles you happened to squeeze in before the deadline.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t take an appropriate amount of time to properly read the specs and engage in whatever process you have for preparing for that role. Some people jump right in, some need to sleep on it… some record a take, then sleep on it, and record again tomorrow!

For the person casting, they’re probably doing their best juggling several things, schedules, etc. If the casting director can find the right fit for a role in the first 24 hours, that’s probably a dream scenario! They can tick that off and move on to other things.

So, why get hung up on when these people feel they’ve made their choice? If you weren’t prepared to jump on it this time, there will be more opportunities.

What’s that old saying? Preparedness + Opportunity = Success? Set yourself up for success, not disappointment.

You have control over at least a part of your own success.

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